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05.- 06.04.2013, Siegen:

German Blasting Association 35. International information session of blasting

11.- 12.03.2013

11.- 12.03.2013, Brussels:
Participation in FEEM XML Working Group


12..01.2013, Ehrenfriedersdorf:
Exposition  on the Regional Meeting of blasting technique

15. -16.11.2012

15.- 16.11.2012, Linz:
Exposition and lecture on the 43. International Blasting Conference

24.- 25.09.2012

26.- 27.10.2012, Paris:
Specialized lecture at the meeting of the EFEE (European Federation of Explosives Engineers)

20.- 21.10.2012

20.- 21.10.2012, Troisdorf:
Participation in FEEM XML Working Group


27.09.2012, Freiberg:
Specialised lecture at the consultancy of the competent mining authority and the institute for Safety and Health at Work concerning the law on explosives.

24.- 25.09.2012

24.- 25.09.2012, Prague:
Participation in the FEEM XML working group


22.09.2012, Munich:
Exhibition at series of lectures titled “Sprengwesen 2012”


April 18 2012, Brüssel:
UEPG AISBL European Aggregates Association the 1st Meeting of the Task Force for the traceability of explosives

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