Mobile Devices for explosives backtracking with TTE

The usage of mobile devices has to meet perfectly the individual demands of customers. They have to achieve much more than only to scan data-matrix-codes on delivery notes, packages and single explosives. The required characteristics vary from shock resistance and weatherproof protection to suitability for extreme weather conditions. For this reason TTE-customers can choose between several types and models of devices. These include mobile data recording devices, hand-held scanner and tablet-PCs.

The handy devices make work fast and easy. Depending on the preferences of users, mobile devices can be used per touchscreen or keyboard, also with work gloves. Below we have collected a list of available devices and their characteristics.

MC92N0 – the All-rounder

mc92-allrounder-zur-sprengmittelrueckverfolgungThe shock and weatherproof (IP64) resistant MC92NO covers all places of use from stock to explosion stand.

Handy design and long lasting battery let it be a practical assistant for registration of high amount of data.

It is suitable for almost every company which works with explosives, trades or produces them.

Hand-held Scanner

handscanner-kabel-fuer-erfasung-von-sprengmitteln-an-pcWhether in connection with the KALEO or your office computer, by connecting a hand-held scanner, scanning will become much more comfortable and your computer can become an adequate data registration device.

Although the version of the office computer and the hand-held scanner is hardly mobile, it can be a cheap solution if items are scanned at the office desk anyway. This combination may be a suitable variant for powder distributor.

Hand-held scanners are available with USB-cable or wireless via Bluetooth depending on the customers needs.

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