Track and Trace of Weapons

TTE-Oil ist eine optimal angepasste Software zur Rückverfolgung von Sprengmitteln in der Ölindustrie.

TTE-Weapons enables a simple but efficient registration and tracing of weapons in the official and military sector. It can be used in the following areas:

  • Administration of own weapons storage in authorities, e.g. police and military
  • Easy provision of information
  • Automatic data collection for national weapons register

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Using smart technologies

RFID tags or 2-D-Codes on the guns help to identify weapons easily.

Furthermore all additional information about the weapons can be processed. RFID readers in the gun racks or handheld devices are used to identify the guns and register every movement in and out of the rack.

Advantages in comparison to handwritten registration

  • efficient administration and tracing of weapons
  • meets the organization’s compliance requirements
  • optimization of business processes, documentation and stock administration
  • transparency of weapons life cycle
  • reduction of manual effort and intuitive handling
  • avoidance of human errors
  • global availability of data
  • open for the individual requirements
  • enhances the safety when dealing with weapons
  • handy devices according to highest industrial standards
  • high degree of spreading of the solution guarantees security for the future
  • low setup effort
  • manages access to firearms by using authorization concept

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