Tracking and Tracing industry-specific Solutions of TTE-Europe

From 5 April 2015 the EU does no longer take only manufacturers in its promise to mark their goods with unique identification numbers with the identification directive. From that day also all distributors and end users have to provide information about disposition of their explosives – immediately and at any time.

Thereby all companies working with explosives are faced with a flood of paperwork and data. With the tracking system of TTE-Europe GmbH, developed in strong cooperation with the German blasting association, most of the additional expenses can be avoided.

Because the industry includes manufacturers, distributors and end users in different company sizes also requirements to the software differ from client to client. To include all important functions in the tracking and tracing program for each client and be as favorable as possible at the same time, TTE-Europe offers special solutions regarding the individual demands.

Backtracking for Distributor and End Users of Explosives

For distributors of explosives the resolving of packaging units and the repacking into smaller packaging units belong to every-day business. Their software for tracking & tracing of explosives has to be able to handle the different data delivered by manufacturers without problems. Furthermore, large companies profit from using multiple mobile devices in their stock. Unlike to for example a hunting goods supplier who completes his assortment with a bit of powder and some cans percussion caps. He probably does not want to invest a lot of money and also does not have a large amount of data to administrate like a large explosives distributor. For him, we developed TTE-Powder, a small minimal version, which still combines all important functions for powder distributors.

The biggest selection is offered by the flexible software for end users, no matter if for blasting service providers or a mining company which only blasts occasionally. TTE provides the suitable solution for small or large companies.

The electronic explosives stock book which replaces a written list and saves a lot of paperwork, is already integrated in TTE-Plus. Like the edition for distributors it works online or locally, or in case of powder distributors or oil industry exclusively online. Users of the online version do not need to worry about the 10-year data archiving, which is ensured by the TTE-Webarchive. The computer program is not connected to one specific PC, where the software is installed and always has to be technically maintained. Like an E-Mail account, the user can login from every PC with his user-data: Thus immediate information of authorities, as required by the EU Directive, is possible without any additional effort. A one-time and temporary access code allows the investigator to only search for one unique tracking number.

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