Tracking & Tracing solution for explosives

TTE-Europe offers you a European-wide useable tracking and tracing solution for explosives. Our tracking system was designed, developed and tested in strong cooperation with the German explosives association. Due to the modular structure, your used explosives can be tracked at any time individually and according to your industrial requirements.

By the use of our tracking and tracing solution, you don't need to worry about the EU-directive, which comes into force at the 1 April 2015. The TTE solutions allow the required traceability for every part of the supply chain, from manufacturers over distributor till users of explosives.

Tracking and Tracing according to individual requirements

With our explosives tracking & tracing solution you get intuitive software requiring little training for employees. At the same time manufacturers, traders and end users of explosives get the opportunity to implement the essential provisions of the EU marking directive practicably during everyday business. For example choose your hardware freely and combine both customary handheld scanners and mobile data capturing devices and tablets according to individual, industry specific requirements. Furthermore digitize your explosives stock records with the help of our electronic explosives stock book.

This way e.g. the explosives utilized in mines and quarries can be traced along the entire period of existence with the help of the TTE solution.

Would you like to know more about tracking and tracing of explosives via TTE-Europe? Find more information in our product overview. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above hotline.

Special solutions

individualized special solutions for tracking and tracing of explosives in different industries
Explosives have numerous fields of application. TTE-Europe offers individual solutions.

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Product overview

Overview over tracking and tracing solutions for explosives
Tracking & tracing  for every size of company and kind of usage. Expansible by practical moduls

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Explosives stock book

Master explosives back tracking and administration of all your goods with the electronic stock book of TTE-Europe.
Digital organization instead of paperwork! Collect fast and easily data by saving effort and costs at the same time!

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TTE helps for the optimal implementation of the EU-directive and facilitates many business processes of your company at the same time.
Who is affected? When does it apply?
What is written? What has to be considered? Tips and hints for implementation.

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